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Erotic Massage Amsterdam offers their services in North Holland. Our field of work is mainly Amsterdam, but we also offer our services on a larger scale, for example Schiphol. Our erotic masseuses are cute, friendly, handsome and well trained massage therapists. Their tantra style body massages are also appreciated by our discerning customers from all over the world. Call us for a sensual or tantric massage session at your home or hotel. One of our masseuses can be with you in 30-40 minutes. Contact us through WhatsApp for a quick erotic massage!

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Due to the measures against the coronavirus as announced by the government on December 14, 2020, we will be closed from December 15, 2020 at 12:00 AM until January 19, 2021. We hope to be able to serve you in good health again in the new year.



The word 'erotic' comes from the name of the Greek god of love, Eros.

At Erotic Massage Amsterdam, we return to the sensual roots of the word through intimate, sexual stimulation of the exercise of massage. A massage by us is a delightful mix of mysterious yin and yang, sweetness, and eroticism. Proficient in therapeutic massage and equally trained in the art of manifesting pleasure, the masseuse will combine her countless talents with her charming personality, to take you into a world of intoxicating experiences and sensations that you can not imagine. An erotic massage by one of our masseuses is an experience that applies not only to the flesh, but also to the senses. Stimulating both individually and simultaneously will lead to an immensely enjoyable experience with peaks and valleys, which will lead to a heavenly crescendo that will let you float on clouds.


Tantra massage

'Tantra' is an old Hindu word that means 'intertwined'.

It refers to the esoteric knowledge of the channels of divine energy that is naturally through the body and whose flow is intertwined with the physical manifestations of physical pleasure.
A tantric masseuse with us is a feast for the eyes, a visual indulgence keeps the promise of pleasure. Her every movement breathes with the sensuality that her knowledge has imparted to the essence of her soul. Her skills are not only in her hands, but inspire every inch of her silky flesh, longing to share their secrets with you. Does not approach our Tantric massage as just a physical interaction, but as a holistic, almost spiritual experience. His old techniques will coax from you an awakening of your natural healing powers and energy chakras that will leave you rejuvenated and new energy, fully aware of the stronger endurance and endurance that you possess.


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Nuru massage

'Nuru' is the Japanese word for 'slippery'. 

An experience that has become the object of intense fascination across the world for her imagery as much as his wonderful sensations, the Nuru massage has gained immense popularity because it was popularized quite recently.
The gel is made from an all-natural substance extracted from the Nori seaweed used in sushi, and the word "Nuru" means "smooth" in Japanese, very appropriate, for smoothness, the essence of the Nuru massage. ravishing masseuse, her body shimmering with the seductive sheen of cool Nuru gel is in itself an experience worthy of an audience.Look as her every turn is accentuated by slivers of light bouncing the Nuru gel that envelops every inch of its intoxicating form. Enjoy the excitement of pleasure as her talented hands spread the cool gel over you.The only thing that remains will be for her to slide her body on top of your...


Body to body massage

The perfect opportunity to bond with your partner, the couple Massage means that two of our sexy masseuses, two massage tables and two very happy clients share the opportunity to commit to a whole new level. 'Erotic Amsterdam Massage' masseuses are experts in the art of putting spirits customers at ease with their open, relaxed attitude as their talented hands work their magic on their bodies. This makes a couple massage the perfect way to introduce your partner to the unique pleasures that had to be tested and proven through this time and proven method of relaxation and release.
Also viewing the body of your partner are treated with sensual care and seductive expertise by a delightful masseuse because they look the same on you creating an atmosphere ripe with ample possibilities.
The Massage couple is the ideal way to experience massage as the gateway to a night of passion and discovery.


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